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It has been a while

Updated: Jun 2

I know it has been a while. I am still working on the last of my self-portrait project but my husband and I decided we were going to up and move across the country, again. So there hasn't been much time to work on the self-portrait project, I promise this project will be finished before the end of this year.

With the move we have taken on many other personal projects with our new home but we are looking to start a project together starting early next year. This project will be documenting all of the beautiful areas around our new home state. We will break the project into 5 separate projects to make 1 large project. This will be a multi-year project and will be our only project photography-wise for a while.

When the new project starts I will try to keep up better on the blogs, Instagram, and TikTok posts for updates on this grandiose project we have decided on.

Check out a few of the images that have been taken in the last month in and around our new home state.

Arizona, cactus, mountains, clouds
Coming down the mountains
Wide open sky with monsoon and white fluffy clouds over Marana, AZ
Partially cloudy day in Arizona

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