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The Unity the People Crave

We the people call for unity,

Unity to create a better government,

Unity to solve issues plaguing our Nation,

Unity of all our people.

Not so we think the same,

But so, we work together toward a better tomorrow,

A better world for future generations,

A better society.

Hate has no place in our country,

Or in the cities that are becoming overcrowded,

Take care of one another and love your neighbor,

They will be there to help when you are in trouble.

Bring together our communities,

So, we have a better understanding,

Understanding of what is needed to unify,

And solve the problems of our communities.

Speak to each other,

If emotions get involved,

Take a step back and take a break,

Until you can discuss the situation again.

Bring peace with you,

Be the calm the people need,

When the storm rages on,

Be the rock in which to stabilize others.

To hold each other up,

Instead of crushing one another underfoot,

Raise your neighbor up,

As you would a friend or loved one.

This will raise our communities up,

Bringing forth the unity needed,

Unity to stabilize our Nation,

And our economy.

Protect one another,

As if your life depends on them,

Your life depends on others,

With this virus running unchecked.

We have been out for ourselves,

We have lost over four hundred thousand souls,

Over four hundred thousand of our siblings have been taken from us,

Leaving holes in many of our lives that have been touched.

We the people cry out for unity,

Unity of our Nation,

Unity of our world,

Unity to end fighting.

This is the unity the people crave,

The unity that should help make the horrible memories go away.

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